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Who are we?

Tala & Nritya means "rhythm and dance" in Hindi. Our association offers colorful activities where dance is a vector of smiles, favoring the magic of encounters and personal fulfillment.

We are both:

- an Indian dance school offering courses and courses in several dance studios in Brussels
- a Bollywood Indian dance company performing performances for a variety of audiences and occasions

Discover our services in detail:


- Indian and creative dance / Bollywood for children aged 6 to 12 (primary school)
- Bollywood for teens (secondary school)
- Bollywood for adults (from 18 years old)
- Odissi - Indian classical dance of Orissa province - India
- choreography for future bride and groom (first dance, opening of the ball)


- private for bachelorette / hen party
- Indian creative dance & Bollywood for children during school holidays with guest artists
- Bollynatyam (merger Bollywood and Bharatanatyam)
- Bolly'pHop (Bollywood fusion and Hip Hop)
- Men's Bollywood


- Summer programmes in public parks (Bollywood in the Parks)
- tailor-made according to your request

Dance performances (show and / or participatory animation)

- at cultural events (festival, children's festival, artists' itinerary ...)
- for companies (teambuilding, staff party, product launch, charity evening ...)
- for private events (bachelor party, wedding, birthday, theme party ...)
- for television

Tala & Nritya collaborates with artists of various disciplines, styles and cultures. Generosity, enthusiasm and respect are the values ​​that guide our activities.

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