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Bollywood Indian dance classes in Brussels

Indian dance classes for kids, teens and adults, boys/men and girls/women

*** Open courses for adults beginners and children from Tuesday 18 September to Thursday 20 September ***

Bollywood Indian dance: what is it?

Bollywood Indian dance is a tasty blend of several genres that draws mainly its roots from the major Indian classical dances, such as Bharata Natyam and Kathak, but also folk dances like Garba or Kalbelia. Moreover, Bollywood is inspired by other dances such as hip hop, oriental dance and contemporary dance.

Bollywood dance is characterised by:
- the gesture of hastas (hand position)
- typical foot movements
- the expression and the narration of emotions
- fun and joy
- body postures


Our Bollywood and Indian creative dance classes

danse créative éveil danse enfant 3 5 ans bruxelles

Children aged 3 to 5

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bollywood danse indienne enfant bruxelles

Children / teens (from 6 years old on)

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bollywood danse indienne ado bruxelles

Teens (from 10 years old on)

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bollywood danse indienne hommes adultes bruxelles

Adults (from 16 years old on)

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Whether for children or adults, we propose recreational classes focused on the following elements:
- technique
- learning a (or several) sparkling choreography(ies) (with the possibility to perform during the end-of-year show)
- group work
- muscle reinforcement and limbering up exercises

Regarding the children, we help them develop their creativity and self-confidence through improvisation games in motion (Indian creative dance).


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