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Rajasthani weekend - Online Workshop to support Indian artists - 5-6 June 2021

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Tala & Nritya and Maya Sapera Company are thrilled to announce an online Indian dance workshop, to support local artists. Classes will be given by three dancers from Rajasthan. This is a unique opportunity to take folk dance lessons with Rajasthani artists.

The workshop is open to everyone no matter your dance level. Please note that it is given in English only.

Come and discover two folk dances from Rajasthan, Kalbelia and Ghoomar, a state in northern India, famous for its monochrome-colored towns, its majestic forts and its ancestral art.

Kalbelia is a rhythmic, lively and joyful dance, originating from a nomadic tribe, the Kalbelia, whose men were snake charmers, the women women traditionally singing and dancing during these performances.

Ghoomar dance consists of pirouette movements accompanied by graceful movements performed around a large circle. This dance is performed on special occasions, festivals and at weddings.

Dance and music are favorite arts in India, Kalbelia and Ghoomar are very much alive there.

Here are the practical information for our Rajasthani weekend !!

Saturday 5 June morning, 11AM-12AM - Kalbelia with Meena – 1 hour – 13

Saturday 5 June afternoon, 2PM-3:30PM - Ghoomar with Nishtha – 1h30 – 18

Sunday 6 June morning, 11AM-12AM - Kalbelia with Raki  – 1 heure – 13

For 2 classes: 26 or 31depending on the choice

Full workshop : 40

This workshop is organised to support the invited artists, in a very difficult time in India during a Covid outbreak. The profits will be entirely transferred to the artists.

Thank you for transferring the payment, indicating the chosen option in communication, for instance "5 June morning", or the combination of the 2 classes that interest you, or for the whole workshop.

Tala & Nritya's bank account number: BE31 0017 1715 7755 - Swift Code GEBABEBB

Looking forward to welcoming you during our Rajasthani weekend!






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